The jumper area, designer for over the age of eight and adults, is intended for the public who want to live an experience beyond the jump, with spaces created especially for those who know most and areas suitable for all levels.

If you’re an advanced jumper, come on weekdays from 7pm and make the most of the JUMPER inside you!

The jumpers area consists of:

  • More than 40 free jump trampolines with vertical trampolines.
  • 2 Olympic trampolines where you can do the most spectacular pirouettes.
  • Multilevel wall and wall running area.
  • Jumping smash, basketball at a different level.
  • Interactive walls, jumping and coordination all in one.
  • Diving pool, for the most intrepid dives.
  • Battle bar area where you can test your balance and ability to bring down your opponent.

The lighting of the jumpers area is cutting-edge and the first of its kind in Barcelona, making the experience even more spectacular. In addition, it has the best pads and the highest safety standards.

You cannot miss it!